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Recruitment services Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, obtaining the required documentation in Romania and home country, transport Asia-Romania



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Transport Asia - Romania

We undertake to transport the employees

Increased Productivity

With stable and dedicated personnel

Business Development with Stable and Dedicated Personnel

Romania is experiencing a labour crisis, with a workforce shortage of almost two million people, being on a single European market and competing with the western countries. All EU countries may employ citizens from the EU area, but Romania is not strong enough to compete with western countries because of wages and living standards.

Almost five million Romanians are working abroad and represent half of Romania’s active workforce. Romanian employers have no longer personnel to work with, the only solution being the shift towards the workforce from less developed countries.

Citizens from non-EU countries may come to work in Romania as a result of legislative changes and increasing foreign workers quota proposed by the Ministry of Labour: 50,000 foreign workers newly admitted to the labour market.

In this context, the Asian workforce is a viable solution, our company being an active player in bringing workforce from Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Although at first sight the recruitment of Asian personnel involves additional costs, in the long run they are covered due to stability, increased productivity and the possibility of developing business in a stable environment and with employees dedicated to their work.

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